Mark Keehn and Rick Conrad (above left) win 1st Place on June 11, 2011. Wayde Sturgeon and Todd Woolems (above right) win 2nd Place. Weight total for Mark and Rick was 10.19 lbs. Wayde and Todd had 10.08 lbs. Rick Conrad had the Big bass, (2.95 lbs.). Wayde Sturgeon had 2nd big bass (2.88 lbs.). Russ Gates was the Patch Draw winner.











              Fred Mathes and Steve Chambers  6/11/2011                                    Roger Dunaway and  Mike Rosbottom  6/11/2011 


  John Handzel and Russ Gates  6/11/2011





















        Woolems/Sturgeon  7/30/11                                                                                    Norrington/Presley    7/30/11


              Patoka Lake  July 30, 2011

               1st Place Winners are Todd Woolems and Wayde Sturgeon. They had 6 fish weighing 20.62 lbs.

               2nd Place Winners are Rob Norrington and Derrick Presley. They had 5 fish weighing 17.57 lbs.

               Big Bass Winner was Todd Woolems. 4.65 lbs.

               2nd Big Bass Winner was Rob Norrington.  4.47 lbs.

               Patch Draw Winner is Mike Rosbottom





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