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      Mike Mertens and Jim Zane                                                                              Danny Graham and Jared Flockhart



     Tournament 3 at lake Sugema: June 19, 2011

          1st Place:  Scott Seager and Joe Bohnenkamp. They had 5 fish weighing 14.69 lbs.

          2nd Place: Fasananh Phosy and Emily Phosy. They had 4 fish weighing 8.04 lbs.

          Big Bass: Darrin Kirkland   4.20 lbs.

          2nd Big Bass: Ron Helling  3.81 lbs.

          Patch Draw Winner:  Dave Custer


     Tournament 4 at Mississippi River  Pool 19 

          1st Place: Scott Seager and Joe Bohnenkamp. 6 Fish weighing 19.91 lbs.

          2nd Place: Chad Kerr and Quinton Inghram. 6 Fish weighing 18.32 lbs.

          3rd Place: Mike Waddell and Larry Davis. 6 Fish weighing 17.14 lbs.

          Big Bass:  Larry Davis  4.65 lbs.

          2nd Big Bass:  Dennis Mehaffy  4.59 lbs.

          Patch Winner:  Bill Smith

     Tournament 5 at 3-Mile 

       1st Place:  Harry Thompson and Parris Humm.  5 Fish weighing 18.04 lbs.

       2nd Place:  Dave Custer and Bob Booth. 5 Fish weighing 15.90 lbs.

       Big Bass:  Bob Booth  4.91 lbs.

       2nd Big Bass:  Harry Thompson  4.75 lbs.











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